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Event coordinators and product vendors all over North America...

You have a lot in common. Not to mention a lot to gain from each other. Both of you need to get the word out about what you're promoting. You want to become "the first choice" of consumers and participants. The Sample Guy is the guy you need to know. We're the nation's largest sample-bagging service. For event coordinators, that means a lot. We have close partnerships with national and niche product vendors all over the continent so that your gift bags are the ones they'll remember. Why do product vendors love us? Because we offer high-precision target marketing at an amazingly affordable cost. Nothing equals the powerful impact of putting product right in the hands of your target market.

The Sample Guy is the only sample-bagging company that works with both event coordinators and product vendors. We're your one-stop shop and we control your product throughout the entire process. Learn more about our unparalleled service and how to dramatically boost your promotional success.

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The Sample Guy, Inc. is proud to announce the inaugural running of the Marine Corps Historic Half in Fredericksburg, VA on May 18th 2008. By providing bags and inserts for this new event, the Sample Guy is expanding an already significant relationship with the Marine Corps Marathon. We are excited to be part of this new Marine Corps tradition.

Just Added

The sample Guy is proud to announce our new partnership with the Honolulu-based Great Aloha Run. Now in its 23rd year, the Aloha Run will draw over 20,000 participants. We look forward to being a part of this memorable event.

As the nation's largest sample-bagging company, we believe that providing unparalleled service is our job. We solve challenges in ways that no one else can and strive for perfection because our clients demand it.

Event Coordinators – Consider it done

For event coordinators, we completely manage your promotional bags. We also help give your event maximum impact because when participants remember your goodie bags, they remember you! For product vendors, we offer high-precision target marketing at very little cost. All you have to do is choose your events and ship us your samples—we'll take care of the rest.

  • To have the Sample Guy help with your bags, simply sign up your events using our online form.
  • Spread the word about The Sample Guy by including our information on your website and in your exhibitor newsletters.
  • The Sample Guy will also assist you in finding additional companies to provide advertising materials for your bags. Visit our event coordinators page to learn more.

Product Vendors — Maximize your product exposure

  • View our extensive list of events and choose the right event(s) for you.
  • Simply package your advertising materials and mail them to our warehouse.
  • We'll bag them and ship them off in time for the event! Visit our event vendors page to learn how to get your product off and running with the Sample Guy.

Your product. In their hands. Welcome to target marketing that hits the bull's eye.

No marketing efforts can top the impact of putting your product in their hands. At The Sample Guy, that's exactly what we give you, the power to achieve. By giving you access to hundreds of different events around the world, you can reach a target market of literally millions...whomever or wherever that may be. Your choices are practically unlimited. The Sample Guy is everywhere, and your product can be, too. Remember, it's only when people have had the chance to experience your product that they can boost your sales for you through powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Discover how we can dramatically improve your product exposure.
  • Invest a fraction of what you'd pay with traditional advertising and reach your target market—directly.
  • Simply sign up and log in to view our extensive upcoming event list and choose where you want your product to be.
  • With hundreds of upcoming events in hundreds of different cities, your marketing potential is massive.

More and more event coordinators are learning about The Sample Guy and want to capitalize on our services. That means, our event list is not only growing, but widening to include just about any event you can imagine, from cycling to car racing, and even college sporting events.

Some say the penny is becoming obsolete.

We think it's a pretty powerful marketing tool. For pennies per sample, The Sample Guy will place your product in as many bags as you want. We'll then ship the bags to the events of your choosing. Your samples will be professionally presented to thousands in your target market, forever banishing the challenge of hard-to-reach customers. Give your product a competitive edge in today's aggressive market by placing it precisely where you want it to be.

Ready to get started? Sign up now!

Event Coordinators—Consider it done

There are many important details in event planning and it's impossible to be an expert of them all. When it comes to attractive promotional bags filled with exciting products, The Sample Guy's got it all taken care of. You'll have one less detail to manage...and a lot more time on your hands. You can even receive free marketing of your event as our valued customer. Your event will be the one they remember—the one that keeps them coming back year after year.

We give you the option of two customized programs, each tailored specifically to your needs.

Program Option 1

  • Sign up and put your event information on our master list. (This is free advertising of your event. Plus, product vendors may choose to place their samples at your event.)
  • Direct any interested vendors to contact The Sample Guy.
  • Ship your sponsor's samples and information to us and we will include it in the bag.
  • The Sample Guy will stuff items into your bags for a small fee depending on the size of your event and number of items sent to us by your event.
  • The Sample Guy will add additional items to help enhance your goodie bags giving your participants more return for their entry fee.
  • Ask your bag manufacturer to ship your bags directly to the Sample Guy or purchase one of our Eco Friendly Virtually Unbeatable Bags which are 100% Biodegradable.
  • After filling the bags, we box them up and prepare them to ship directly to your venue. Events are responsible for shipping charges to their event. Please contact The Sample Guy to arrange shipping details. We do a lot of shipping, so you can be sure our rates are very low.
  • Worried about exclusivity issues? Don't be. The Sample Guy will assure that items in your bag do not conflict with your sponsorship obligations. If we sign up an item that will not work, just let us know and we will relocate them. With The Sample Guy, you are in control of your bags.
  • Relax... your sample bags will arrive on time and ready to go. And your participants will love them!

Program Option 2

This one's pretty simple. It works the same as option one, except you do the bagging. We have found that many events have long-standing traditions where groups of individuals enjoy stuffing your bags. If that is the case with your event, it does not have to be a deal breaker. We can still locate additional items for your event. We will then coordinate them and ship them to your event. (Event is responsible for shipping charges for coordinated items)

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About the Sample Guy(s)

The Sample Guy is the largest bag-stuffing service in the nation, servicing events from expos and conventions to sporting events and hometown fairs.

We are a nationwide service dedicated to providing quality promotional bags for distribution at your event. We offer vendors the opportunity to solicit their target audience for a fraction of the price of traditional ads. The Sample Guy offers this service for events, therefore giving coordinators more time to focus on other important details of the event.

Send All Products To:

The Sample Guy Logistic Center
Attn: Marty Decker
1256 Garden Highway, Suite D
Yuba City, CA 95991

DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS: (Please make sure all boxes are clearly labeled as to its content, number of items in each box, total quantity of boxes and the name of the event it is going to)

For Product Shipping Arrangements
Marty Decker
Phone: 1 (530) 632-4592

For Sales:

United States
The Sample Guy, Inc.
1256 Garden Highway, Suite D
Yuba City, CA 95991
Phone:1-877-399-2540 or 1-530-713-1071 (mobile)

The Sample Guy is the leading sample-bagging service for event coordinators and product vendors. We offer high-precision target marketing at an affordable cost and unparalleled service.

Extra Product? You Came To The Right Place!

We have helped hundreds of companies to make use of their extra samples. Contact us today to discuss our many sampling options.

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